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50ml Natural LDPE Narrow Neck Bottle.
Food approved material – Squeezable bottle.
actual capacity 69ml
Height 91mm
diameter 38mm
neck width diameter

Lid shown for illustration purpose

Plastic Bottles

Our Narrow neck plastic bottles are produced in LDPE (low density polyethylene) and HDPE (High Density Polyethylene from our N000 15ml bottle through to our NN10 1 litre bottles.

We also offer a wide neck range for pastes and powders ranging from WN1 50ml to WN10 1 Litre.

Our square S range offers more stability, whilst of General purpose (GP)/ Swipe bottles offer a range to cover most applications.

HDPE and LDPE lends itself to be the preferred choice for pharmaceutical and laboratory use where drugs and chemicals will be used as LPDE has greater

We offer a wide range of fitments to fit our bottles from droppers through to nozzles and soap pumps.