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CIDERBOX10 – 10 Litre Cider bag in a Box
A 10 litre white printed box for use with a 10 litre Evoh Clear bag
Box Spec – B 180WK/127/200T
Box Dimensions – WxDxH 230mm x 230mm x 264mm
Closure type – Centre Gland
Cap type – Dispensing
Bag-in-a-box offers the perfect, cost effective and environmentally friendly solution for liquid storage and transportation.

– Far cheaper that kegs
– Good shelf life (the bag encloses the product and keeps a carbon dioxide layer around the product to keep it fresh)
– OXYGEN BARRIER LINER AVAILABLE – High barrier film like the EVOH packaging film is a multilayer film made with barrier
material to decrease gas or moisture permeability
– Range of dispensing options (bags can be connected to an engine or pump or dispensed straight from the box)
– Automatic filling systems available

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