Bristol Plastic Containers offers a wide range of Plastic Measuring Products from MS005b 0.5ml scoop through to MJ5000 5 Litre Measuring Jug.

All of our Plastic Measuring Products are food and drug approved and can be used with direct food contact.

By using our Plastic Measuring Products, a measured dose of either a powder or a measured dose of liquid, tight regulated control of the amount product can be administered or mixed to a base mix. This gives the person unrivalled dosage control of the products.

Markets that take advantage of Bristol plastic containers superior quality Plastic Measuring Products are the Food industry, Catering Industry, Pharmaceutical industry, Pubs, Restaurants, Pools and spas, Fishing Bait Industry to name just a few.

Bristol Plastic Containers prides it self on the wealth of knowledge and experience of our Plastic Measuring Products and can advise and assist on the best product choice and cost effective solution to any Plastic Measuring Products enquiry that you may have, large or small.

Here at Bristol plastic containers we have no minimum quantity on any of our Plastic Measuring Products, as we know that having to order box qualities of Plastic Measuring Products can lead to tying up important cash flow and valuable stock space.

At Bristol Plastic Containers you can order the exact amount of plastic measuring scoops or plastic measuring spoons to complement the quantity of plastic buckets or plastic small volume containers that you purchase from us.

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