Plastic Containers / Ice cream Containers / Food storage containers

Bristol plastic containers offer a range of ice cream/ food storage plastic containers from 1 litre up to 10 litres these plastic containers can be used for a range of storage solutions within a professional/ commercial or domestic environment. These ice cream plastic containers  / food storage plastic containers can be used in the restaurant / pub trade to store salad, fruit and basically any pre-prepared food whether cooked or raw and in the fridge or freezer.

When used for batch making and freezing , we recommend that the plastic containers should be properly marked by either a colour coded method or dated for strict food batch rotation.

These ice cream plastic containers  / food storage plastic containers are also handy for storing dried products like pasta, salt, flour, beans and pulses to keep them fresh and away from contaminates.

Bristol plastic containers offers rectangular and square ice-cream plastic containers  / storage plastic containers as standard and are perfect for stacking. They are ideal solution for storage, transportation, display and serving.

All Bristol plastic containers food containers products are produced in Natural FDA approved Polypropylene to the highest standards.

Bristol plastic containers offer no-minimum quantity and a mix and match service on all items allowing you to order what you need at a competitive rate without having boxes of products having to be stored for later use taking up valuable cash and stock space . That said, of course we do cater for larger customer usages and offer pallet / box quantities prices to suit your product demand, please contact Bristol plastic containers to discuss you requirements for a bespoke quotation.

Our labelling service is offered on a quantity ordered matched basis or bulk depending upon your production needs using our in house wide format Mimiaki jv33 digital printer, We can help in designing a label for you or you can provide with your artwork. Once uploaded Bristol plastic containers can provide your with full vibrant vinyl transfer/ sticker for your products.

In-mould labelling service is offered, whereas the label is made part of the production process saving post production costs and time. This service requires special attention, please contact Bristol plastic containers for more information.

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